Friday, 20 December 2013

Its Christmas time.  Poem by one who was once described as a literary fool Dyslexia Dublin © 2013

The 24th is a special day, it’s when the hard work is all but done. 

The very day that tells us Christmas has begun. 

The most magical time for all girls and boys around the world. 

The elves have been busy throughout the year helping to produce Christmas cheer. 

The day Mrs Claus cuts Santa’s hair and trims his fine beard. 

The day that Santa loads up his fine sleigh. 

The reindeer are fed and are ready to pull the big sled. 

The snow is falling and covering the ground. 

The Robin is looking through the window and chirping with joy of all he sees around. 

The house is all set for Santa and Rudolph to arrive. 

The tree is decorated and the cakes are baked too. 

The plumb pudding is ready full of shillings for me and for you… 

The stockings are chosen and hung by the fireside ready for filling. 

The carol singers are at the door singing carols, what a joy to hear. 

The hard work is all done, Mum thanks mostly to you. 

The fire is out as we don’t want Santa to shout when he comes down the chimney, do you? 

The table is set with Santa’s fare…the milk, mince pie and carrots are all there. 

The list is complete and presents arrive by the dozen at the fireside. 

The children are sleeping and not a peep to be heard. 

They have all been practising to be really nice…at least since the 23rd! 

The clock strikes twelve and the house is still, it’s that time of year when you know who is due… 

The sleigh has arrived and Santa appears to deliver presents to all we hold dear. 

So dream little people of all things nice. Tomorrow is nearly here and your day will begin just full of surprises. The joy on your faces is such a priceless treasure, it’s all parents look for, it’s their reward…to see such fun filled emotion is pure pleasure. 

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