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Why we use and recommend ‘STEPS’

Why we use and recommend ‘STEPS’ by Toby lee Dyslexia Dublin CETC © 2013
I have worked in the area of teaching and supporting those with Specific Learning Needs for over twenty five years and have helped many students who struggle with literacy.  During this time I have used various resources to reinforce learning in this area.
"We are proud to be distributors of this excellent intervention product"

So, why do I use and recommend ‘Steps’?   It is a multi-sensory research-based literacy software program.  It covers all areas of literacy and includes letter reversals and even special awareness elements and promotes knowledge through learning. It is suitable for all school students and adults irrespective of age, learners of all ages from primary years through to adult.
The software is well structured, and affords a cumulative approach to literacy, which covers and develops the all elements of literacy, including vocabulary and sentence building (comprehension).
This programme is designed to support and strengthen classroom learning and can be used alongside normal teaching practices. It can be used in a school resource room and it is very easy to produce lesson structure/plans for a variety of academic levels within the same resource room.  This allows the resource teacher to move amongst the students and offer help where needed and it has printable reports as well as an inbuilt screening test to give a start point for intervention and also measure progress during the year.  The system can be used with headphones and allows for other activities such as reading, to take place in the same room. This is a very well thought out product with it’s main aim being to bring learners up to speed in all literacy areas. It’s currently being used in numerous schools and homes to great success.
The Home version has the same content as the School/Tutor version and can be used to support your child’s study or it can be used as an intervention tool for those who may be dyslexic. It also has great printable resources for those who maybe dysgraphic, (we also offer distance learning with this product).
Many dyslexics have problems with letter reversals and understanding left and right, this programme has a section that can work through this in a highly successful manner.
What ingredients make a good valuable software programme?
‘Steps’ is a highly structured, multi-sensory literacy approach, which is based on sound educational principles
Every activity is research-based (including the games!)
All activities are cumulative and build all the skills and knowledge needed for literacy
Automatic revision is provided
As mentioned, ‘Steps’ is not age-specific
‘Steps’ caters for learners from 5 years of age to adult
Starting points are based on literacy level, not age
‘Steps’ is the only literacy program which is completely customisable
You can build your own wordlists, to reinforce schoolwork or workplace needs
Build complete courses to support your school’s curriculum areas
‘Steps’ will assess your literacy level and start you at the right point on the courses

You can also ‘dip into’ the program in any way that suits you and it can be structured around time available
‘Steps’ provides a complete range of supporting resources (printable work sheets and flash cards)
Specialist workbook-based literacy courses directly reinforced by ‘Steps’ (school and distance learning)
Extensive range of game/activity resources for school or home use
It also has great activities for building short and long term memory

We have great feedback on our training and our resources, including this product and are proud to be a distributor, contact us for further details.
One important point to mention… you are not on your own, we are there to support you no matter what package you choose and this is backed with over twenty five years of experience.
All our posts are for guidance and professional advice should always be sought… Toby Lee Dyslexia Dublin CETC © 2013

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