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Visual stress (don’t call me stupid) can cause many people to stop reading due to eye strain and result in possible headaches.
Around two in every ten people can suffer with stress. Constant use of laptops and computers can irritate sufferers of visual stress and also working for long periods in artificial light and unfiltered UV light can also put a huge strain on the eyes.
We all have tolerance to white light (glare); many would be quick to turn away from intense light such as the sun.  If you monitor this in your own family, you will quickly see the variation (tolerance levels) in each person.  Some will pop sunglasses on with the slightest increase in brightness and others won’t.  You might have noticed your children in the car… one could be looking towards the light and one looking away from the light.  This doesn’t automatically suggest they are visually stressed, but those that have a very low tolerance, might just be.

What is the main cause of eye strain and irritation?  This occurs when the eyes are working overtime trying to focus, in particular, on written script, be it in hard copy, whiteboard or on a computer screen.  Words seem to crash into each other with no apparent gaps between letters.  Letters can also appear to move around and can be missed altogether; causing fragmentation of information taken in during reading and this can have a knock-on effect with retention of information and memory recall at a later date. Writing can and often suffers due to wondering off the margin, we have a problem spacing and words can be cramped or words can be split at the end of a line.

(In the case of schools, keep your eyes open for children in class who...)
- quickly when working with text.
- Have problems copying from the whiteboard board.
- Seem to experience increased difficulty reading after an initial period of about 10 minutes.
- Keep moving their head or body position, or moving closer to or further away from the page.
- Read slowly and haltingly.
- Track with their finger.
- Yawn while reading.
If any of these points are noticeable, you can contact us for more details on Visual Stress and what can be of help.

What can be done to help sufferers of visual stress?... early intervention and testing is vital. We at Dyslexia Dublin CETC offer a screening test that will give you a clear indication and results will not only indicate that you might be suffering with visual stress but will suggest filters and other resources that will help to remove the problem, so you can get on with your life.
We also stock intervention products such as: overlays…reading rulers…exercise books…software etc visit our online store or order a catalogue

All our articles are for guidance purposes only and we recommend that you always seek professional advice.

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